Dangerous Times

2 Samuel 11:1
“And it came to pass, after the year was expired, at the time when kings go forth to battle, that David sent Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel; and they destroyed the children of Ammon, and besieged Rabbah. But David tarried still at Jerusalem.”

There are times in life that are more dangerous than others. These are times when sin is at the door, and these are times when you must be most vigilant so that you don’t succumb to sin’s temptation. Many good people have fallen during these times all because they were not watchful during these dangerous times.

In the verse above, David came across one of those dangerous times. Sadly, his dangerous time ended in an affair with Bathsheba, and totally changed the course of his life. Had David been vigilant during this dangerous time, he might not have fallen in sin. This event in David’s life exposes five dangerous times when you must be vigilant.

First, you must be vigilant in alone times. David was alone when he saw Bathsheba in an indecent situation. Many people have fallen to sin’s temptation when they were alone. You must be very careful when you are alone that you don’t do things that you would not do if you were with others. The Devil will use your alone times to tempt you in ways you would not normally be tempted. Be on guard when you are alone.

Second, you must be vigilant in still times. The verse above says that “David tarried still at Jerusalem.” When you have nothing to do, be careful of the temptations that will arise. You have heard that idle time is the Devil’s workshop, and this saying is true. When you find yourself in still times, fill them with prayer and walking with God so that you avoid the temptations that could destroy your life.

Third, be vigilant in out-of-routine times. David was supposed to go to battle, but he got out of his routine and stayed home. Routines are good guards against temptation. You may think that you need to change your routine to keep life from becoming mundane, but those routines are your wall of defense against temptation. When you find yourself out of your routines, be extra careful of temptation and quickly get yourself back to the safety guards of routines.

Fourth, be vigilant in night times. It was at night that David was tempted to commit adultery. My friend, the Devil works in the dark. You must be extra watchful in the nighttimes that you don’t do something you will regret for many years to come. I have found the best guard against those nighttime temptations is to be inside. You won’t find yourself exposed to the strange woman and the evils of night if you make it your habit to be inside at night.

Fifth, be vigilant in exposed times. When David’s sin was exposed, he made the mistake of committing more sin in an attempt to cover it up. Christian, it is always better to face the embarrassment of repentance than to cover up sin and endure sin’s destruction. Don’t make the same mistake that David made of covering up sin when it is exposed; instead, let your exposed time lead you to repentance.

Everyone faces these dangerous times. Be careful of them and do your best to avoid them. Yield yourself to the Holy Spirit and walk with God; this is the best way to make it through these times without falling.