The Influence of a Wife

Deuteronomy 17:17
“Neither shall he multiply wives to himself, that his heart turn not away: neither shall he greatly multiply to himself silver and gold.”

One of the common messages directed towards wives is for them to submit to their husband. Of course, this is not always taken with a good attitude, especially in a world that preaches that women have a right to do with their bodies what they want to do. However, there is a bigger reason that God gave this command.

The verse above says, “Neither shall he multiply wives to himself, that his heart turn not away…” The reason God didn’t want a king to have several wives is so that they would not turn his heart away from God. God knew that a wife has more influence over her husband than many like to discuss. We often hear ladies say after they hear their husband proclaims that he’s the head of the house, “I’m the head that turns the neck.” This is more than just a cliché. The wife has the power to turn her husband’s heart towards God or away from Him. There are three observations I would like for you to consider concerning this truth.

First, respect your power. Anyone who has ever worked with electricity often tells others that electrical power won’t hurt you as long as you respect it. Likewise, the power a wife has over her husband won’t hurt the marriage as long as she learns to respect it. Ladies, you know that you can influence your husband one way or the other, and that is why you need to respect the power you have and use it wisely. Don’t use it to get your own way, but use it to influence your husband to do right.

Second, don’t abuse your power. Many ladies have turned the heart of their husband away from God because they abused their power. A husband wants to be strong for his wife, but there comes a point when he gets tired of constantly fighting his wife, and he will begin to withdraw himself from her if she continues to abuse her power. Many ladies have lost the husband they loved because they abused their power and didn’t allow him to be the husband God meant for him to be. Most men will try to lead in the home, but if his wife constantly complains or gives him an attitude every time he makes a decision, she may drive him to the point where he stops leading. You may think that is what you want, but you will lose the man you married, and he will give his attention to some other place or some other woman. It may not be right for him to do this, but he will get tired of fighting and fulfilling his responsibility. Ladies, you have to understand that the husband wants to please you, and if you abuse your power by fighting against him when he makes a decision, he will eventually quit making those decisions.

Third, use your power to influence to do right. Ladies, let me challenge you to encourage your husband to do right. When he makes the right decisions, let him know that you appreciate his desire to do right. You would be surprised how your power to praise him when he does right will cause him to want to please God and you more.

Ladies, you carry tremendous influence in the home. Be careful to use your influence to turn the home towards God. God’s order of the home is right, and we always regret it when we use our power to get out of God’s order. Using the influence you have properly will bring peace and joy to the home.