A Never-failing Leadership Style

Numbers 27:17
“Which may go out before them, and which may go in before them, and which may lead them out, and which may bring them in; that the congregation of the LORD be not as sheep which have no shepherd.”

The verse above is the first verse of Moses’ response to God telling him that he was about ready to take him to Heaven. Moses was like any leader who had invested his life in people; he wanted to be sure that there was someone who led the people after he was gone. It wasn’t that Moses doubted God’s ability to give them a leader, it was just that he loved those people and wanted to be sure they had someone to lead them down the right path.

In the verse above, you will discover the never-failing leadership style of Moses that he wanted to find in the next man who would lead Israel into the Promised Land. Moses’ leadership style will work with any leader if they are willing to be humble enough to follow this method. There are three attributes to the never-failing leadership style.

First, never-failing leadership will be among the people. Moses said, “Which may go out before them, and which may go in before them…” The CEO leadership style among Christian leaders today seems to be a style that is out-of-touch with those they lead. When you look at Jesus, He didn’t hibernate in an office and only had contact with those He led during counseling sessions; rather, He was always found among the people, and that is what allowed Him to be able to help. The never-failing leader often finds himself among those they lead. It is while you are with them that you learn their needs and give them the example of how to live for Christ. Every leader must be careful that they don’t let their office become that palace where the subservient peasants come to get their lofty advice. Instead, find yourself among those you lead so that you can meet their needs.

Second, never-failing leadership will be in front of the people. The verse above says, “…which may lead them out, and which may bring them in…” The best leader is the leader who leads by example. Those you lead need to see that you are doing what you tell them to do. If all you do is bark orders to those you lead, you are nothing more than a lord. Never-failing leaders show their followers what to do; their leadership style is an example. They don’t just tell them to be a soul winner; they take them soul winning with them. They don’t just tell them to pray; they spend time praying with them. The never-failing leader realizes that their life is the greatest example and motivator to show their followers how to do right.

Third, never-failing leadership will be on top of the people. In other words, the never-failing leader walks with God. What will make you a never-failing leader is spending time with God getting to know His mind of how you should lead those whom He has given you to lead. You will fail as a leader if you don’t have a personal time with God. Moses wasn’t the great leader because of his own talent; he was the great leader because he walked with God and got the His mind. Never-failing leadership doesn’t try to get the people to get their mind, but they take the mind of God and give it to those they lead. You will fail as a leader if you fail to walk with God.

Do you have a never-failing leadership style? These three attributes applied by any leader will help you never to fail in directing those you lead to follow the LORD; that is what makes a never-failing leader.