The Defeatist Mentality

Numbers 13:29
“The Amalekites dwell in the land of the south: and the Hittites, and the Jebusites, and the Amorites, dwell in the mountains: and the Canaanites dwell by the sea, and by the coast of Jordan.”

The mentality seen in the verse above is nothing that we don’t see today. When the twelve spies came back to report to Moses and the people, ten of the spies had a defeatist mentality. Their summation was to go back to Egypt and accept the status quo of hardship and slavery. However, two men who believed that God could take them above the status quo and bring them into the Promised Land. Sadly, the defeatist mentality influenced the people not to go forward into the Promised Land.

One of the biggest hindrances to the work of the LORD are those who embrace the defeatist mentality. Those who have a defeatist mentality always see the negative and never have the faith to believe that God can do the exceptional. The story above shows us four traits of the defeatist mentality.

First, the defeatist mentality doesn’t believe in exceptionalism. If you truly believe in the power of God, you must believe that God is an exceptional God capable of taking you higher than where you are. Christian, the defeatist mentality will keep you from enjoying the victories God has in store for you. God is omnipotent, and He is very capable of helping you live the exceptional life if you don’t embrace the defeatist mentality.

Second, the defeatist mentality accepts the status quo. These people were happy to wander in the wilderness, which was the status quo for their lives. My friend, don’t believe the status quo that preaches average. Step over to the victory side and accept the promises of God that guarantee great victory if you go forward.

Third, the defeatist mentality sees everyone else as better than itself. It is interesting that these men who had the defeatist mentality could only see the walls, giants and great armies and not the omnipotent God Who had delivered them thus far. I’m not saying that you are better than everyone else, but you don’t have to accept that the world is better and stronger than you. You have a God Who lives on the inside Who wants to help you to live on the victory side.

Fourth, the defeatist mentality lacks vision and faith in God. These men couldn’t see that God’s power could destroy every excuse they used. If you accept the defeatist mentality, you will never experience the great victories God has for you in your Promised Land. God has already charted victories for you in your life, but you must not allow the defeatist mentality to hinder you from enjoying them. You must take off the blinders of the defeatist mentality and put on the spectacles of faith which gives you the vision to do things much greater than yourself. It is truly your choice of what you choose to look through.

Christian, don’t let the defeatist mentality rob you of God’s blessings and victories He has planned for you. Be like Joshua and Caleb Who had the faith to believe that God is an exceptional God capable of bringing you further than anyone could imagine. There are great victories for you to enjoy if you will look through the binoculars of faith and see the great victories God has for you.