Don’t Vote for Trump

dont-vote-for-trumpby: Jason Williams

I am a Christian, and I am not voting for Donald Trump (and neither should you) 

I am a pastor in Ohio who is heavily involved in the political process, and I have hesitated to write this but I don’t think I can be silent about this anymore. Christians should not vote for Donald Trump (or Hillary Clinton, or Gary Johnson).

Now, to be clear, I am 100% against not voting. I believe that not voting is a waste of the gifts that God has blessed us with (think the servant who buried his talent in the sand).

This brings up an interesting question. If we are supposed to vote, but we are not supposed to vote for any of the candidates, then, who on earth do we vote for?

I’m glad you asked because I am very concerned about how many pastors from all across America were so quick to endorse a particular candidate in the primaries with little to no regard as to what their endorsement meant. To be clear, pastor, when you stand in front of a group of people and say I am endorsing this one particular candidate over another candidate, you encourage your people to follow your advice recommending that they also vote for someone that you know very little about. I have heard countless pastors say, “I met so and so, and I believe that I know them.” I promise that you do NOT know who they truly are. It is virtually impossible to know a person within several meetings. Think about it, did you truly know your spouse after one date? How would you possibly know enough about a candidate to endorse them after one meeting?

I only point this out because I believe that one of the biggest lies ever given to Christians is that we have had great Christian candidates in the past. All candidates are sinners just like you and me. We have always had to choose the lesser of two evils, and we will always have to. The real sin would be to not use our gift of freedom and refuse to vote simply because we don’t have a candidate who speaks our dialogue.

To be clear, I am not voting for Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or Gary Johnson, or myself for that matter.

This is why:

Believers are not supposed to vote for anyone; we are to vote for biblical values. Now, in this particular election, I believe that Donald Trump is the closest to the values that I believe the Bible teaches.

I’m not voting for Trump because I am voting for the Supreme Court – the next President will nominate several Supreme Court Justices and the Supreme Court will decide the future of our children.

I’m not voting for Trump because I am voting for religious freedom – Religious freedom is under attack in our country, and I believe that Hillary Clinton will continue that attack. In fact, I think she will step the attack up.

I’m not voting for Trump because I am voting for personal freedom – our personal freedoms are under attack like never before. We are slowly being stripped of all our rights, and it is important to look at the candidates and see which one defends personal freedom, and which one takes it away.

I’m not voting for Trump because I am voting for life – the single most important issue to me is life. If we as a nation are going to butcher children simply because we don’t want them then we are in real trouble. This particular election has one candidate who promises to help support life and one (Hillary Clinton) who promises to continue funding groups like Planned Parenthood.

Now, in all of these situations Donald Trump stands the closest to what I believe the Bible teaches. So it does so happen that when I vote this November 8, I will be voting for Mr. Trump. Not only that, but I will be hosting voter registration drives in my church every Sunday morning for the month of September. Pastor, I highly encourage you to do the same. Not voting is the greater of three evils! And you must do everything you can to ensure that your members are registered to vote and that they vote how they believe the Bible says they should vote! I have told you who I believe God wants me to vote for now you do the same.

If you would like information on how to do a voter registration go to

Jason Williams
Singles pastor
High Street Baptist Church
Columbus, OH